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Why a hard whack in the head by the Universe is probably the best thing that ever happened to me

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Some times you get a friendly reminder by the Universe. A pleasant little nudge from karma/destiny/God or whatever you choose to name the deciding power in your life. A small voice, that tenderly like the breath of a butterfly whispers: ' Hi friend. this is not the right path for you'. other times you get a stinging slap, a kick in the nether parts and a really hard hit over the head while an ogre-like destinytroll shouts his message with a breath smelling of dead animals marinated in old milk:' You humongous idiot. you dumb-wit. For crying out loud, I already told you  once that you need to go another way. Now get it, for chrissake'.

That just about sums up how it feels when you get fired....for the second a year!
From a job that I to all appearances should be absolutely brilliant at.
But in reality didn't thrive in. Well, to be honest, , a whole career that I didn't thrive in.
I've been in the workforce for 10 years and in that time I've held 5 positions (plus 2 X maternity leave) and at no point in all those years, have I been truly satisfied with my job.
There have been glimpses of satisfaction and joy. And when I analyse those glimpses, it is evident that these all are connected to tasks where I've had to solve complex problems and had to be creative in the way I think.
The rest of the time I've been sitting there, longing to do something completely different. Longing to be my own boss and truly create something.
Looking back, it's also evident that I hardly ever showed any initiative at work, while the initiatives spawned from the creative part of me almost couldn't get out for the crowd.
So it was more than about time for my life to take another direction. Which the Universe told me in it's own extremely ungentle way.

But we all know how daunting it is to say goodbye to the safety and comfort of a well-known job and a nice paycheck every month. And how intimidating it is to go into unknown territory.

So honestly. Getting fired was without a doubt the best thing that could happen.

Now there are no more excuses

Now I jump

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