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Hi there
First the most important part: you can buy all the pretty headbands and jewellery at my Etsy shop - just follow the link in the right sidebar...and I love custom orders, so just drop me a note, if you have something special in mind.

And now, the introduction:
Odds are, that you clicked on some pretty picture on Pinterest(probably of some cute headbands) and now you find yourselves on a blog with total gibberish instead of English.
Well, the gibberish is danish(and it truly is gibberish. Danish is supposedly one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn)
When I started this blog, I didn't consider that it would be a wise idea to write it in English, but thanks to Pinterest and Google 25% of my visitors are from the states....and another 25% is from Romania!!?? Well, I must admit that that's a fact that really stumps me. Romania?? If some Romanian visitor could please enlighten me, I would be truly grateful.
Well, I envision this page as being a very short introduction to me and the products a make. And if you browse around on my blog, you'll find that many of my post has English translations as well(in the immediate future that is)
And now, without further ado: ME

As you probably have guessed, I'm Danish and live near Copenhagen. And no, Denmark is NOT the capital of Sweden and no, we do not have polarbears roaming the streets.
And if you are politically misinformed: No, Danes are not raving socialist giving all their money to the government. But we are supposedly one of the happiest and most content people on earth, we have a lousy weather(No sun to speak of, no snow to speak of, but a cloudy drizzle most of the time.) and the population only consist of 6 million people.
My name is Line. Yep, another weird thing (and highly irritating when travelling)
I'm the mother of two well-mannered and harmonious children(when they sleep or get fed extensive amounts of ice-cream at least)
And I create headbands and jewelry in my sparetime.
On the page next to this, I've started to assemble a portfolio, where you can see some of my work.
And then it is of course possible to see a lot of it in my etsy-shop:

I'm doing a lot(well, kind of a lot) of custom work for brides and flowergirls. If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to write. The email is

Well, that's it. I would be honored if you choose to follow my blog. And do leave a comment. I luuuuuv comments

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