onsdag den 3. oktober 2012

Superduperfabulous stationary

Well, with a day that started pretty abrupt deep in the night with me getting hit in the head by my iPad (well, I had noticed that the shelf above the bed dipped a bit - but I hadn't realized that it dipped that much) it's one of those days that can only get better( everything else is simply to depressing to contemplate)
And as I browsed through my pictures from the weekend -it did get better instantly. Cause I had forgotten about my new homemade stationary.
Yes - I do create other stuff than my jewelry and headbands. And sometimes it even succeeds.

So without further ado, I present the rather boring stationary made absolutely fabulous.

Even the cat had to admire my work up close
And it all started with this:
and some blue washitape.

The incredible paper is from Minimega

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  1. Katte har næsten altid ret og hvis ikke - så lader de som om :-) Jeg er enig!